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€14.07 €15.63
  • Skladom
  • e1011

  • Názov Značky: smabee
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Druh Materiálu: PVC

Not all mats fit in size.
For 2-3 make in car lack the mats, contrast are 2-3 mats left, could be the unassigned and also not come close to the free adjust fit. Regardless of a good product at a fair price.
Anton Baskov339
Quality is good, on Tusan 2020G. Everyone came into the door cards and coasters. The mat is not enough at the place of charging the phone, the mat is under EL. The handle does not fit in shape, there is no mat in the niche before the coasters. In the niche from the side of the central tunnel, from the passoir side the mat is long, but you can put it. In general, of 5 to 4 pulls, and then for quality. There is also no mat in the board. I'll post the photo later.

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