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  • Skladom
  • e127

  • Kvalita:
  • O Package:
  • Veľkosť:
  • Displej: > 3"
  • Kompatibilné Značky: ZTE
  • Farba:
  • Položka Stav: Nové
  • QC:
  • Rozlíšenie Displeja: 1920X1080
  • Kompatibilné Diely:
  • Číslo Modelu: pre ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S NX549j
  • Názov Značky: BCH.HORE
  • Veľkoobchod:
  • Balenie:
  • Miesto Pôvodu :

Vanessa Ortiz82
This is not a touchscreen, and not an LCD display, and it's not even a protective glass. This miracle has a larger size, although the model is the same. Yes, and the seller sent the order in +-week. Disgusting!!!!
The goods came such as in the description, but with a big delay, on the parcel the sender did not specify the customer's name, and only the address and because of this mail RF month did not give the order, and until I came 3 times to the post office to write a complaint and a search statement, I was refused to give it!! I'm happy with the screen, but with delivery everything was disgusting and very long!!

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